Trump a Shakespearean Tragedy?

Could Trump’s presidency be a Shakespearean tragedy?

I love the Shakespearean play Julius Cesar and I cannot help but notice some similarities between Julius Cesar and President Elect Trump.

In the play Julius Cesar  by Shakespeare, Julius returns to Rome a hero.  The Roman citizen are in love with him.  They love him for all the riches  and slaves he has brought back to Rome. But some senators are not very happy with him and his popularity.

So after some drama Julius is stabbed 23 times by some Roman senators.  He’s assassinated by his best-friend Brutus and by senators, who to his face, were nice but had secret meetings to discuss what he’s doing wrong.

I am not suggesting that US Senators are plotting to assassinate Trump, but I am suggesting a metaphorical assassination such as an impeachment or having to resign like Nixon.  After all Senators are fickle and a senator scorned can be dangerous.

So to all of us who are scared, angry and disgusted with Trump  keep in mind that at this moment the Republican party and the Democrats are smiles and making nice with Trump but just wait and see.  There will be some metaphorical stabbing.

Keep an an eye out for Wikileaks.


Julius Caesar


A. Patricia


We Shall Overcome-

So- we have had a lot of anger ingulf our senses-

I know I felt the rage run through my veins.  An intense feeling I haven’t felt since my asshole father beat my mother, but I digress.

I want to ask everyone to take a moment and reflect, mediate, and prepare for the next step. Here is some music to help us  – NPR Link

Then after you’ve gotten drunk or high (for those of you in weed loving states) plan your next course of action.  And keep it positive.  The more negative we become the more we are like Trump supporters like the KKK (bunch or weirdos, who wears white pillow cases to hide themselves, if you are so badass show your face!).

I for one, will make my writing more meaningful and use it as a tool for something great. Not sure how that will workout but I will do it and lean along the way.

What will you do? What will you learn?

Invest in yourself!




Trump…You’re not my President!

OK- so I know technically he is the President of the United States, but it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

American people really voted for this guy.  Though he did not get the popular vote- he managed to get the electoral vote. Makes me think it’s time for a change in the electoral college system.

I cried.  I yelled.  I’m angry.

What freaks me out the most about Trump is that he may follow through on all his promises; deporting all undocumented people, creating a wall, banning Muslim people, for example.

But can he really do all those things?  The United States is more than just one simple minded man like Donald J. Trump.  It is a country that has been thriving for 240 years and no one man can hijack it.

Do not let your fear consume you. Do something positive, hold Trump and his cronies accountable!

Here’s what We can do:
1. READ – stay on top of what is happening in Washington DC
2. Listen- NPR is your best friend
3. Watch- The News
4. Go- Participate in your community- become a community organizer if necessary!
5. Educate your self-  invest in yourself: get skills that will always keep you in the job market.   Look in to technology, science, healthcare to name a few.

In the United States of America you have the right and privilege to change political outcomes but WE must participate in the system.


Be The Other

Anel Patricia – The Other

12 Weeks of Contemporary – Lexa Hillyer — Paper Lantern Lit

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Welcome to 12 Weeks of Contemporary, where we highlight our favorite contemporary authors and their books here on our blog and on Instagram! Today we have Lexa Hillyer! And the PROOF OF FOREVER ebook is only $1.99! What inspires you about contemporary YA? It’s an area that’s just exploding with incredible talent, a diversity of authentic experiences and […]

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Frankie 4-

“What can I do?” Frankie said.

“You have to continue your father’s work.” Ian said.
“But, I’m in high school.”
“I just want to have fun…I’m tired of being the strong one…It’s always me.”
“Well, you can continue his work or you can be like everybody else and be clueless.”
“But I’m fifteen.  What can I do?”
“You’re in the biology club right?”
“Yeah, so?”
“It’s what we need.” Ian said and smiled.

Frankie started thinking about her friends.  The Biology crew.  She felt like such a nerd, but she really loved it.  It’s what she and her Dad had in common.  A love for exploring.

-Biology Club-

When Frankie joined biology club freshman year, it was like finding the right pair of jeans.  She just fit in.

Frankie walked in to her biology class and the sight of dead pigs floating in formaldehyde didn’t stir her stomach.  She actually liked it.  Her teacher was reading something on his laptop and looked up with his glasses sitting at the tip of his nose. 

“Oh hello, you must be Frankie.  I was just reading about you.”

“Oh, yes.  What did you read?”

“Oh, it’s the teacher email from the registrar office just letting me know you’re in this class.  Nice to meet you, I’m Mr. Pepper.” 


“Well, you can sit at table six Mando needs a partner.”

Mando looked at her and waved.  His dark brown faux hawk hairstyle made his blue eyes stand out.  He was kind of cute.  Not bad she thought, I just hope he’s smart. 

“Hi, I’m Mando, nice to meet you.”

“Hey, I’m Frankie.”

“Where you from?”


“Oh, why are you in Deadlands?”


“Deadlands, that’s what we call Redlands cause nothing ever happens here.”

“Well, do you like biology?”

“Yes, I really do.  I like to dissect things.  Weird right?”

“No, I like to dissect things too.  Also, Mr. Pepper is cool.”

“Ok, so what are you studying?”

“We’re starting a section on insects.  Mr. Pepper has a special interest in insects especially roaches.” 

“Cool, my dad is an entomologist at Redlands University.  That’s why we moved here.  he’s a professor.

Frankie felt at ease and got in to geek mode, “I like roaches.  They can be pests but they can also be nutritional.  Did you know that in China there’re roach farmers?”

“Yeah! I heard they are full of vitamins and have medicinal properties.” Mando responded.

“What are you two talking about over there?” asked Mr. Pepper.

“Roaches!” They both shouted. 

“Oh, well Cadence what do you think about roaches?” Mr. Pepper asked.

“I think they’re fascinating.  They can be gross but they can also help people.  It’s like a paradox.”

“Hmmm, well I am an advisor to the biology club you are welcome to come by.  We meet Wednesday afternoons.”

“Ok, I’ll be there.”

Mando smiled.  “You’re the first girl to ever join. The guys are gonna freak…you’ll see.” 

“No worries.  I’m used to being the only girl.”  She smiled.