Hello!  My name is Anel Patricia.  I am a Writer & Educator.  I used to call my blog Stories & Stuff but after attending Jacqueline Woodson’s talk at the Writer’s Digest Conference in August of 2015 I decided to have a more focused and purposeful blog.

I am The Other– living in-between different languages and cultures.  Officially I am Latina– having been born in Corozal, Belize & Merida, Yucatan- I’ll explain later- it’s a long story.   I grew up in California and have lived in China and Brazil and YES, I enjoy traveling!  I currently live in Maryland and I really like it.  There is something about this state that just clicks with me.  I am still trying to figure that out!

I am a Mom to a beautiful toddler named Enrique.  I am a wife to a kind and supportive husband named Felipe. I am the daughter of a strong woman named Hilma.

I am a writer of stories- all kinds.  I love Children’s Stories, Science Fiction, Horror, YA books and really anything that connects to me.  I also dabble in poetry when inspiration hits me.  And on occasion I write educational stuff to use in a classroom since I am an ESL teacher too.

If you have any questions- just let me know!

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