This is real—I was undocumented for 13 years then President Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986. 

What did I do with my Green Card?

  1. Finished High School – Redlands High School class of “94!”
  2. Graduated from UC Riverside- BA in Liberal Studies
  3. Worked my Ass off!
  4. Got my citizenship!
  5. Graduated University of San Francisco –MA in Multicultural Literature

All while working – Working at various places while in College like the Gap, Macy’s, Famous Footwear, Goodyear Tires, K-mart,  just to name a few.  I also used students loans while in college to help me out. (I have PAID THEM OFF!!!!)

Then after graduation I worked, worked, worked to help my mom and start paying off my student loans. 

Then I decided I had to be an English teacher.  So I studied some more and got more in debt but I finally became a high school English Teacher, an International ESL Instructor, a college instructor and a technical trainer.

There were no free rides for me. 

Actually I don’t know anyone who has had a free ride in the US.  And if you have never worked a hard day in your life, then fuck you, – do something positive for humanity and help those less fortunate than yourself!

Let me get back on point-

Undocumented people are part of a Capitalist society. 

Is it right, no, but it’s the truth!

Honestly, if you don’t want undocumented people in the US then you should demand undocumented people become full participants in the democratic process as I have become.  

The truth is there aren’t enough American citizens to fill the jobs undocumented people will leave behind if they are deported.

The other truth is you should be angry with your congressman and senator for allowing undocumented people to be undocumented in the US. 

And the truth is “the good old days” will NOT come back.  Actually they were never good.  Also, Hitler is dead-  So stop the Nazi shit. And FYI- The Russians brought the Nazi party to their knees thus leading to Hitler’s suicide. So Trump needs to be careful about Russia becoming his BFF.  And the KKK are so lame.  Those guys wear dresses and cover their faces.  Kind of weird if you ask me. Also, for you minorities who support Trump ideology, you should read about Martin Niemöller. 

Finally, Trump cannot fix our problems, Hillary cannot fix our problems. 

We must fix our problems.  We The People.   


  1. Get off your fat ass.
  2. Upgrade yourself (that means learn new skills)!
  3. Don’t hate the player, hate the game!


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