Trump a Shakespearean Tragedy?

Could Trump’s presidency be a Shakespearean tragedy?

I love the Shakespearean play Julius Cesar and I cannot help but notice some similarities between Julius Cesar and President Elect Trump.

In the play Julius Cesar  by Shakespeare, Julius returns to Rome a hero.  The Roman citizen are in love with him.  They love him for all the riches  and slaves he has brought back to Rome. But some senators are not very happy with him and his popularity.

So after some drama Julius is stabbed 23 times by some Roman senators.  He’s assassinated by his best-friend Brutus and by senators, who to his face, were nice but had secret meetings to discuss what he’s doing wrong.

I am not suggesting that US Senators are plotting to assassinate Trump, but I am suggesting a metaphorical assassination such as an impeachment or having to resign like Nixon.  After all Senators are fickle and a senator scorned can be dangerous.

So to all of us who are scared, angry and disgusted with Trump  keep in mind that at this moment the Republican party and the Democrats are smiles and making nice with Trump but just wait and see.  There will be some metaphorical stabbing.

Keep an an eye out for Wikileaks.


Julius Caesar


A. Patricia


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