We Shall Overcome-

So- we have had a lot of anger ingulf our senses-

I know I felt the rage run through my veins.  An intense feeling I haven’t felt since my asshole father beat my mother, but I digress.

I want to ask everyone to take a moment and reflect, mediate, and prepare for the next step. Here is some music to help us  – NPR Link

Then after you’ve gotten drunk or high (for those of you in weed loving states) plan your next course of action.  And keep it positive.  The more negative we become the more we are like Trump supporters like the KKK (bunch or weirdos, who wears white pillow cases to hide themselves, if you are so badass show your face!).

I for one, will make my writing more meaningful and use it as a tool for something great. Not sure how that will workout but I will do it and lean along the way.

What will you do? What will you learn?

Invest in yourself!




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