Frankie 3 continued-Dad’s Journal

Frankie recognized her father’s iPad leather cover.

Dan Hillier

“Why do you have this?” She said.
“We found it in his office.” Ian said.
“Why were you in his office?”
“He  worked for us?”
“You’re an entomologist?”
“You could say that.”
“But that still doesn’t explain why you;re in my room, you freak!”
“I’m here because you need to take over your father’s work.”
“Open the iPad, you’ll see what I’m talking about.”

Frankie was confused but there was something inside of her that wanted ti know what happened to her father.  Nothing made sense anymore.

She logged in to the iPad.  To her surprise there was a picture of a white rabbit on the screen.

“Follow the white rabbit,” Ian said.

When she clicked it she entered a whole new world.  She felt like she’d just gone down a rabbit hole.

There were thousands of files folders and files. She clicked the first video file she found.

Witness 1
“Is this thing on?  No one can see my face right?  Cause people will think I’m crazy,” a man’s voice said.
“Don’t worry, you’re identity is safe” she heard her father’s voice respond.

 Ok, well us humans, we live in a false sense of security.  We think that what we see and touch and feel is all that exists. But the truth is, there’s more in this world than we could ever imagine.

I used to live in the boarder town of Cuidad Juarez a city on the boarder between El Paso, Texas and Mexico.  This town is known for having foreign manufacturing plants. They assemble flat screen TV’s, washing machines, and stuff like that. But this story isn’t about the factories.

One night I was going home from a fifteen-hour workday and I saw something that isn’t supposed to exist.

Ok, so every night when you go home from the factory you take the company bus.  It’s an old 1970’s yellow school bus that I took every night.   So one night the bus driver he decided to take a short cut but after a few miles he was at a dead end.

He was making a U-turn when all the tires exploded.  Everyone in the bus yelled “ Dios mio, my God”   

So the bus driver goes to see what happened to the bus and then something snatched him up.  In an instant he was gone.  Everyone in the bus started pointing out the windows then the bus started rocking back and forth. The bus lights flickered on and off then the bus went completely dark.

A panic took over, people started yelling and kicked open the emergency exit door in the back of the bus and started running towards the road.

Then I heard screams. People were being plucked from the ground.  It looked like men with wings but not like angels, like demons, all scaly and leathery.  They took the people one by one from the ground.

I was the only person remaining in the bus and watched in disbelief as each of my coworkers was snatched up.  I prayed to the Virgin Mary hoping she would send help. 

Then I heard “Bam,bam,bam” three strong knocks on the roof of the bus. 
“It’s time to come out and play” I heard a man say in a Texan accent.

The bus was pushed to its left side and I crawled out the emergency exit door praying the “Our Father” prayer when I heard the melody to the song “La Cucaracha” (the cockroach) from a van that raced down the road with bright lights and guns shooting out.

Then these three things, roach-men I guess you can call them, morphed in to thousands of dollar coin sized cockroaches that flew away in to the twilight.

Look man I know this sounds crazy but I lived this.  Look, I have proof. He gives Frankie’s dad a picture.  There standing in front of the bus is something that looks like a man with long black hair but his skin looked hard and shiny like a roaches’ exoskeleton and he had stingers that looked like fingers coming out of his upper lip. 

“Wow, this is amazing…” Frankie’s dad looked at the camera,

“look people, the roach men they exist”

Frankie felt strange.   She had a knot in her stomach.

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