It was 3 ihome_ranchn the morning in quite Redlands, California.  Frankie woke-up to the sounds of her mother crying.

When she walked towards the noise she saw two police officers in the living room.  Her mother was sitting on the sofa with her head in her hands.  Jose, her brother had his hands wrapped around their mother, like he was holding her up.

What’s happening? She thought. Nothing was registering.  Everything was very bright and her head hurt from all the light hitting her at once.

“Dad?” she said.

Everyone stopped and looked at her.

Frankie’s Grandmother, Lourdes, walked up to her.
“Baby, sit here with me,” she said.
“What’s happening?” Frankie said. “Where’s Dad?”

Frankie’s Grandmother started to cry.  Her eyes said it before the words crawled out.  “He’s gone.”

What happens now? Frankie thought. 

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