It’s Been a While- Kafka

Hi All,
it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’ve been distracted.  Life happens!

Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope 2016 is the BEST year ever for all of us!

Here is a story I’ve been tinkering with-

This is a work in progress—

Kill the Father
By A. Patricia 

What are you supposed to feel when you know that you have to kill your father?

Sadness? Fear? Regret?

I feel anger.   

All I want is to be normal.   This is my last year as human. On my eighteenth birthday I will wake up like Gregor Samsa and be a vile human size roach.  The same goes for my brothers and sister.

I prop myself up with my pillow and I notice they are all sleeping on their right side with their left forearms over their foreheads.  It would make a funny picture.   Jose, Gil, and Yali.  We are a multicultural bunch.  Jose is from Mexico, Gil is from Brazil, Yali is from China, and I am American.  We all look different on the outside. But we have the same monster that lives within us waiting to get out. 

At the front door sleeps our one eyed dog Mercy, a white Pit Bull. She has a heart of gold, but she’s a merciless attack dog.  She joins me every morning that I go for a run.  I think she remembers how I dismembered the body of the guy who was experimenting on her.

I get up from the couch and go to my room upstairs.  I change in to my running clothes, tuck my dark blond braid in to my baseball cap and grab my phone.  On the breakfast bar is a note from my sister, Yali, “Be safe, take your cell, and take a bag for Mercy’s poop!”

We’re currently living on the Reservation.   This part of Redlands is known as the Native Lands because it is home to the Red Faced Tribe.  The original people of this area, who used the red soil of Redlands to cover themselves in order to hide from the enemy.  Today it is a gated community with posh housing, modern amenities, and Native American run businesses.  All brought to you by the success of the Red Faced Casino.

Mercy and I start our run along the great wall, the dividing wall between the reservation, the military base and the rest of the city.  It is a constant reminder of the deep-rooted mistrust between the tribe and the outside world.  We pass the back of townhomes, track homes, and condos.  We end our run at the edge of the great wall where there is a break in the wall, a metal gate. An emergency exit the tribal council calls it, but it is an opportunity to venture out and be normal.   

Mercy and I climb under the gate through our hidden passage.  The rows of bushes on the outside of the great wall are the perfect camouflage while we make sure no one sees us sneak out. This part of Redlands is calm.  The wide suburban streets are usually busy with soccer moms and yuppie dads taking their kids to school. But the residents are still asleep this morning.

Though being on local Redlands land is not illegal I am not allowed to venture out in to the local population.  Actually my brothers and sister and I are forbidden to leave the tribal lands.  If we get caught, it’s the laboratory for us.  I brought my sister once with me but she was so freaked out she decided never to join me.  My brothers sneak out once in a while but always stay close to the wall in case they need to quickly get back to safety.  I don’t like venturing out with them because they are too afraid.  I like the thrill of the escape. So Mercy is my only companion on these trips.

We jog away from the great wall towards the farmer’s market and get lost among the locals. It reminds me of my old life.  The smells of coffee, fresh doughnuts, fruit, and flowers all mixing together. The chatter of people talking over each other in the market is calming.  I miss my city life. 

Waiting for me at the doughnut stand is Mando.  The only person I can be my old self with.  I can feel the giddiness of a love struck teenager rising in me. I see him looking for me in the crowd and it brings a smile to my face. Mando says my eyes shine when I smile.

“Hey Candy,” says Mando.  My real name is Cadence but the first time we met I was so nervous I made up a name.   Also, I love to eat butterscotch candy.   And the less he knows about me, the better it is for him.

“Look what I have for you.”  Mando hands me a latte.  I hold it up to my nose “Mm, butterscotch,” I say.  How thoughtful. He’s been thinking about me.   “What do I owe you?” I ask.

“Nothing.  I thought about you all week,” says Mando.

“That’s very kind of you.  You’ll have to let me buy the doughnuts,” I say, trying not to blush.  “I have that too,” he says holding a small grease stained brown bag.  My heart races and I step in close to him and give him a kiss on the cheek.  Mercy starts to whine.  “I have something for you too girl,” he says.  He bends down and gives her a doggy cookie.  She swallows it and wags her tail. 

Mando pets Mercy.  He is the only other person besides my brothers and sister that she allows to get that close to her.  I really like him.  He is boyfriend material.  Tall, smart, and freakin hot.  His big honey eyes and wide smile make my heart race.  Just the kind of guy my old self dreamed of.

“When are we going on a real date,” he asks me.  I smile whishing I could say tonight.  The truth is I can’t, not ever.  I am being selfish right now and putting him in danger just by being here.  But he makes me feel like an average seventeen-year-old girl.   

I stare at Mando and kiss him on his lips.  Our first kiss.  “Let me talk to my dad,” I say.  “Do you want me to talk to him?” He says.  “I really like you.” He whispers in my ear.  Damn, he’s so sweet.  His smile makes me feel like a normal girl and that is so addicting. 

We sit down in the small square, eat our doughnuts and watch the kids play on the playground.  Mercy lies on the grass and falls asleep. Mando puts his arm across my shoulders and I scoot closer to him.  Life feels normal.  I wish at that moment I could grow old with him.  Have his babies.  Live the good and the bad by his side.  Life is not fair. 

But today is our last rendezvous.  He is everything I want but the truth is I only have a year left and he should find a normal girl.   My phone starts vibrate.  It’s my sister texting. 

“Where r u?  Dr. M. will be here in 1 hour,” she texted.

“On my way,” I type back.

“I have to go,” I say to Mando.

“Already, when can I see you again?” He says.

“Let me talk to my Dad.” I say.

Mercy comes to my side and I stand up.  Mando hold my hand and kisses it.  “I can’t wait to see you again,” he says and gives me the smile that makes my knees wobble.  He stand up and walk me to Main Street. “Can I you walk you home?” He asks me.  “No, I drove,” I lie.  Then I kiss him in the lips.   Mercy and I walk away.  Damn, life sucks!

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