Angela Buenavista: Secrets and Lies

Hello-  I have been working on another story.  Since I love mystery books, in particular the Longmire book series and the Veronica Mars book series along with the TV shows and movies I decided to try writing a mystery.

It is titled Angela Buenavista:Secrets and Lies
Angela Buenavista is a high school student in Sparks, California. A small town located in the Inland Empire. She finds one of her best friends dead. Was is it murder or suicide? Join Angela as she discovers that everyone has secrets and lies they are running from.

This is also available on Wattpad

Lets see where this story takes us.

Angela Buenavista: Secrets & Lies

VWBug 2

Angela woke-up to the sound of salsa music coming from the kitchen.  Her grandma was awake.

“Angela, baby.  Time for breakfast.” Granny said.

“I’ll be right down.” Angela responded.

Angela sat on the toilet and wondered what this new school year would hold for her.  Senior year was going to be difficult with out Ophelia.

Thirty minutes later Angela walked down the hallway and heard the local news.

“A Sparks High School student has gone missing.  Callista Gregos the latest victim in a surge of missing women this summer in the Inland Empire. If anyone has any information about Callista or any of the missing women please contact authorities.”

“It’s still happening. Poor girls. But Grace is working hard to find find out what’s happening,” Granny said.

“Granny, who are you talking to?”

“Oh, your papa. He’s right here.” Her lips point to a framed picture of him at the breakfast table.

“Oh,”  She says and kiss the picture.

“He would be so proud of you.  A smart, beautiful, kind, young lady starting her senior year of high school.” She hugged Angela tight. “And he would love this new hair cut. A faux hawk right?”

“Yes, thanks.  What were you saying to daddy?”

“Oh, girls are still missing and your mama is investigating.  Do you think Ophelia was a victim?”

“Well, I don’t think so because the cops found her body.  The other girls haven’t been found.  And mom hasn’t shared anything with me.”

“What haven’t I shared?” Grace says as she sips her coffee.

Angela’s phone starts to buzz.  She picks it up and sees it’s Zoe texting her.

U ready?


Pick me up then!

“Mom, I gotta go Zoe is waiting for me.”

“Ok, have a good day at school.  Oh, and I need you to come by the office after school today.”

“Ok, see you later.”

Angela walked out the side door.  Her 1978 VW bug was waiting for her in the drive way.  The three coats of wax made her car look good. She’d managed to keep the car in good condition since her father’s death.

Angela started driving to Zoe’s house.  She was at a stop and saw the funeral home. It’ been three months since it happened but it all came back to her.

Angela walked up to the casket.  Her brain couldn’t register what she was seeing. Ophelia looked like a porcelain doll in a boxed bed.  Father Bob tapped her on the shoulder.  

“Other’s are waiting my child.”

“Yes, sorry.”

She walked up to Ophelia’s mother, Linda.  

“Thank you for coming.“ 

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here.” Angela said and started to cry.

“No, no, you couldn’t have done anything to help her.”

She still felt guilty.  If only she’d stayed for Labor Day week-end.  She could’ve stopped Ophelia from killing herself.  Why did she do it?  It just didn’t make sense.

“Beep, beep!” Honked the school bus behind Angela.
She waved and took off.  Zoe was waiting for her.

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