Lena: Awakened – Yali’s Story

It has been a while since I shared from Lena:Awakened but here is Yali’s story:

Yali, an Angel from Shenyang, China.

Yali, an Angel from Shenyang, China.

Shenyang, China-

Life is stranger than fiction.

There aren’t any rich snobs finding solace in donuts tonight, so it’s a slow night at Mr. Chow’s Harmonious Donut Shop.  It’s ok though. cause it’s my birthday and all I want is to get home.   I close down the shop and head out to the subway station.  No lines, no crowded subway cars; a nice surprise after being on my feet for five hours.  I sit down and start to zone out when I notice a man looking at me from the end of the subway car. His retro black glasses a bit small for his face and he looks away as soon as I make eye contact with him.  Weird, “ I think but my stop is next and I’m tired.

As soon as I step out from the subway exit on to my street I notice the usual sounds of my neighborhood are silent. No blaring music from the side walk bars, no screeches from the taxis coming to a sudden halt, no muffled honks from the scooters trying to run me over. 

I head down Shi Yi Wei Lu, My breath floats into the cold night when I hear a strange clicking sound.  I stop and look around but nothing is there.  I take my cellphone out to check if my phone was making the sound since my best friend Chichi has the habit of changing my ringtones, but my cellphone is quiet.  I keep walking and cross the street when I see someone standing in the shadow across the street from me but when I blink to adjust my eyes the person is gone.  I figure it’s my imagination since it has a way of getting the best of me.  Anyways, I’m only three blocks from my apartment building.

I begin to walk faster, sensing something isn’t right.  Then I hear someone walking behind me, I start to panic, my heart starts to race. Then I just stop and turn around and yell “What the Fuck!”   

A man is standing in front of me, the one form the subway, “I’m sorry miss, but you dropped this,” and he hands me my subway card.  His face is pale and his eyes look at me with surprise, I guess I’ve scared him.  He walks away. I take a deep breath and laugh out loud, “Yali, get it together!” I tell myself.

I only have one more block to go and I’m home.  I can see the courtyard to my complex, Jasmine Towers. Mr. Jung the night watchman stands guard at the entrance gate.   I sprint to the gate “Good evening Mr. Jung,” I say to him and he smiles at me when something picks him up into the sky.  He yells and kicks but within seconds he’s gone.  I’m in a panic and shut the gate.   My heart sinks to my stomach and I notice a wàiguó rén, foreigner.  He’s tall, blond and standing in the courtyard. 

“Hey!  Get down!” He tells me.

“What’s going on?”  I say.

“Demons.” He says and runs to me as one of them lands in the courtyard. 

It’s a human sized creature with leathery wings that are tucking themselves in to its back.  It looks like something that used to be human.  The face is hallowed and has eyes that are serpent like.  It is tall and I notice it is making a clicking sound, like what I heard while I was walking.  Then two more creatures land next to it. 

“Stay away Mubar!” Shouts the wàiguó rén.

He screeches and begins to talk, “Yali, we have come for you.”

The wàiguó rén stands in front of me and says, “First you have to kill us.”

“From what I see, it is only you.” Mubar says.

The creatures start to extend their leathery wings while their mouths open to show off their serrated teeth.  Then their scaly arms extended revealing their razor sharp talons.

Then I feel something rise from within my stomach and climb all the way through my throat and out of my mouth. I hear a loud “Noooooooo!” errupt from me. I kneel and punch the ground with my bear fists causing a ripple in the asphalt. 

The creatures lose their balance and seconds later a VW van crashes through the front gate with floodlights all around the front bumper and a flamethrower on its top.   Flames start to fire out of the flamethrower at these creatures, engulfing one.  It starts screeching and hissing and within seconds it is ash. Mubar and the other creature fly into the twilight.

I stand up and cry out, “What the fuck!” my hands aching and bleeding.

Two people step out of the VW van.  The subway guy, and Chichi my best friend.

“You?” I say as I look at Chichi.

“Yes, come with me.” He says.

I fall to my knees and throw-up.  I know that nothing will ever be the same.

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