The Master Revealed

The Master Revealed-

Anton Semenov

 Anton Semenov

Evil lurks in many places.  The Master is birthing an army.

Read about it here- Lena:Awakened 

Here is an excerpt:

“My child, you have been chosen to give birth to the future.” He says.

Callista begins to pull on the straps and arches her back trying to get free. 

The Master then taps Callista’s forehead with his right hand, a long black pointy talon extends from his index finger injecting her with something in the area between her eyes.  She calms down.

“Good, my dear.  Now you are ready to receive the gift,” he says.

Then he stands in front of her.  From his back emerge black leathery wings.  He opens them wide wrapping themselves half way around the surgical table engulfing Callista.   Then he coughs up a golf-sized cockroach.  He places the roach on her abdomen.   It starts to dig itself into her belly button.

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