Wattpad Project: Lena-Awakened

Read the entire Saga  here — Look for Lena- Awakened 

Lena- Awakened

Lena- Awakened

Here is a quick recap:

Lena is a Mexican-American sixteen year old girl who discovers she is a descendant of Michael the Archangel.

Lena lives in Redlands, California with her grandmother and is a student at Redlands High school.  She has two best friends, Zoe and Amy.  But Amy stops hanging out with them and no one knows why until one day Lena finds Amy in one of the girl’s bathrooms at school having a baby.  The baby is born but there is something strange about the baby.

Then Lean reveals that she thinks she was raped by Zack the guy that implanted Amy with a baby.

When Lean returns to school there is a viral video of her that insinuates she was hooking up with Zack. Then Lena and Zoe are attacked by students at RHS that are under demonic possesion by Zack who is not really human, but a powerful demon.  However, Lean and Zoe are rescued by Angels, Ian and Mando.

If you want to read the entire saga- check it out on Wattpad– it’s free!
Look for Lena-Awakened 

-Anel Patricia

One comment

  1. leesha0304 · August 12, 2015

    Cool! I learned about wattpad from the Writer’s Digest Conference and I’m so excited to check it out. 🙂 thanks for the tip.


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