Lena- Awakened – 4- Bloody Wings


The main character in my work in progress Lena- Awakened has started her transformation from human to angel-

-Read about it here: Lena- Awakened 

This is a Wattpad project-

Here is a preview:

My locker has the word WHORE sprayed on it. 

“Assholes!” I hear Zoe say while she tries to wipe the word off.  Just then my cellphone and everyone’s cellphone starts to beep and ring.  There’s a video waiting to be played.

I press play.  It’s me lying on Zack’s bed.  I’m naked.  I’m motionless.  Then it’s my voice saying, “Let’s do it again,” and I’m laughing.  I remember saying that when we were in the pool. Not in his bed. I start to tremble.

Read the entire piece on Wattpad

-Anel Patricia

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