Leaning By Doing …My First Ebook…It’s Free

I am a big believer in learning by doing or student centered learning.

Memorizing facts and then regurgitating information on a test has been the most ineffective way for me to learn.

But I can do it.  Now ask me if what I memorized really stayed with me?

NO- the only stuff I remember are the things I did something with. Like multiplications- I have used it many times in my life since I learned them.

Or writing or typing-

I remember reading Old Yeller, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Scarlett Letter, Julius Cesar, Siddhartha, just to name a few books, through out middle school and high school because my teachers connected something to do with it beyond answering questions.

That along with my parents upbringing instilled a desire to learn on my own.

Having the desire and seeking out opportunities to make your desire happen is an important skill set to have in this century.  Especially when we live in a time where the job market is constantly changing.

So now I am learning how to self-publish.

This is my first attempt at self publishing and it’s free- click here 

My First Bilingual Shapes Book

My First Bilingual Shapes Book


It is a simple bilingual English/ Spanish  learning book- for babies and toddlers.

Available for free from iBooks.

This is the beginning of my Nonfiction work.

Eventually the books will be interactive.  And as I evolve with my skills I will publish them for free for anyone who wants them.

Please share!

Anel Patricia- The Other

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