Writing is great- You should do it!!!

The Writing Life- MFA or DIY MFA

So I’ve been thinking- MFA or DIY MFA? I would love to do an MFA program, but the reality is that I don’t want to spend that kind of money.  Also, I already did a Master’s program at the University of San Francisco and it was great, but I do not want to do that again! So one day I came across DIY MFA and it has been awesome!

It is a site that provides the tools and guidance to make my own MFA.  I love that! I decide what I want to focus on and I decide the pace of my program.  It works for my lifestyle and my budget!


I’ve been a part of DIY MFA  for two years now and I love it!   It has taken me from “I’m not sure, I like to write but…” to attending my second Writer’s Digest Conference in New York  and developing my writer platform, and of course writing and learning the craft of writing.

They will be hosting an Online Writing Conference in October check it out: DIY MFA 

Why am I sharing this?  To tell you that writing is great and you should do it-


  1. leesha0304 · July 10, 2015

    I’m going back to the Writer’s Digest Conference this year too! Hope to see you there! Are you doing the pitch slam?


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