Je Suis Charlie


Currently there is a lot of reaction after the tragedy in Paris and justifiably so, and btw this is the time you say “I’ll pray for you”.

I am going to stand with my French brothers and sisters and say Je Suis Charlie

It is disgusting to see how religion is twisted and used to control people and Al Qaeda is a perfect example of that.  Though many other religions have done that, Catholics for example but in our modern times to see it happen is mind blowing.

You would think that in our current time people would have the common sense to see conmen like Al Qaeda for what they are- power hungry souls.

I wish these Al Qaeda fanatics would man up and just admit they use religious ideology to manipulate people into doing their dirty work.  I wish they would  admit they want to have power in order to oppress as they have been oppressed.   How sick is that? Why would you do on to others as it has been done to you? And then use your own people? Doesn’t that make you as horrible as your oppressors?

These attacks do not create fear, they create anger and resistance that lead to more violence and anger.

I will admit that France is not a perfect country- for that matter Europe has a lot of issues with immigrants with growing right wing fanatics in countries like Germany and France who blame immigrants for economic and social problems and thus continues the cycle of anger and oppression.  But to kill journalists, people who are shedding light on problems, now that is just fucked up!

The Paris attack makes me wonder if Humanity will ever evolve. Will we ever learn?

Ok, enough said, at least from me–

Peace out!

Anel Patricia 10891603_874769862580160_3129550149409966196_n

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