What did I do with my American Green Card?

215133_1061544986943_5786_nThis is real—

I was undocumented for 13 years then President Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986.   What did I do with my Green Card?

  1. Finished High School – Redlands High School – Class of 1994
  2. Graduated Riverside Community College –
    1997- AA in Liberal Studies
  3. Graduated UC Riverside –
    2000- BA in Liberal Arts
  4. Graduated University of San Francisco –
    2011- MA in Multicultural Literature

All while working – Working at various places while in College like the Gap, Famous Footwear, Goodyear Tires just to name a few.

Also after college working at Macy’s as a Department Manager, K-mart as a Manager, then becoming a high school English teacher for about 7 years.

Then in 2009 when the US was closing schools and people were losing their homes my husband and I moved to China to teach English.

I worked in Shenyang and Shanghai and finally I moved to Brazil and lived in Sao Paulo to teach English and my husband and I had our son there.

So as you can see there were no free rides for me, and I did get student loans while in college to help me out and I have PAID THEM OFF!!!!…

Actually I don’t know anyone who has had a free ride in the US.

This notion that undocumented people want free rides is a fallacy. Every undocumented person I know and have known has always worked and wants to work! Every undocumented person has also paid taxes.

“Undocumented immigrants currently contribute significantly to state and local taxes, collectively paying an estimated $10.6 billion in 2010 with contributions ranging from less than $2 million in Montana to more than $2.2 billion in California. This means these families are likely paying about 6.4 percent on average of their income in state and local taxes.”
Check out the rest of the facts here: ITEP

I am grateful for the opportunities I have had in the US – why not allow others to have that same opportunity?

Now I want to hear from others- what have you done with your opportunity to be in the United States?


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